A place where

  •  Children learn to enjoy Mathematics
  • Children learn important mathematics
  • Mathematics is a part of children’s life experience which they talk about
  • Children pose and solve meaningful problems
  • Teachers expect to engage every child in class
  • The child should be engaged in joyfully exploring the world around and harmonizing with it
  • The objectives at this stage are to nurture the curiosity of the child about the World
  • The child engage in exploratory and hands on activities to acquire the basic cognitive and psychomotor skills through observation
  • Globalize Maths-science through IT
  • Express their creativity through projects, charts, models and pass-port. Curricular activities.

Activity to Achieve Objectives

  •   Live Experiment
  •   Chart Reading
  •   Puzzles Solving
  •   Listening Cassettes & CDS
  •   Teaching  threw audio-visual teaching aids
  •   Gold Mine (NIIT)
  •   Dictation of Tables
  •   Project Work
  •   Reference Books
  •   Visit of Environment Places
  • Take part in External Exams e.g. Fair
  •   Counseling

Teacher also go with TLP process for achieve object.


  • To participate in Science Seminar
  • To take part in Science Fair
  • To take part in science quiz
  • To celebrate Maths Week
  • To celebrate Science Week
  • To participate in Maths Olympiads Exam at National level
  • To participate in Science Olympiads Exam at National level
  • To take part in Talent Search Exam conducted by the Government of Gujarat


  • Well equipped science laboratory
  • Science related Charts
  • Small library with Books on Science and Maths  subjects
  • Projector
  • Computer
  • Microscope
  • Practical kit
  • Evaluation through continuous conducting various tests
  • Maximum utilization of laboratory by as many experiments as possible
  • A visit to Science city, and visit by science experts to Ashram


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