English Lab is….

  • A place where students can enrich their vocabulary by reading interesting books.
  • A place where students cultivate interest in English by different words game.
  • A place where students visualize English through different charts.
  • A place where students step in the ocean of English by listening to it through computer or tape recorder.
  • A place where students can globalize English through IT.
  • A place where students can express their creativity through projects, charts, models and pass-ports.
  • A place where students develop their linguistic ability.
  • A place where students can participate in co-curricular activities such as: Elocution, Drama, Dance, Song.
  •  A place where students can prepare themselves for competitive exams
  • A place where students can develop their spoken English skills.
  • A place where students can maximize their abilities.
  • A place where a student can develop his personality through English Language


Activities to achieve the objectives:

  • Word Game
  • Chart Making, Reading, Teaching
  • Puzzles Solving
  • Listening to Cassettes & CDS
  • Teaching Grammar through audio-visual teaching aids
  • Gold Mine (NIIT)
  • Dictation
  • News Paper Reading
  • Project Work
  • Reference Books
  • Conversation
  • Essay, story and report writing
  • Hand Writing
  • Role Play
  • Preparing Students for Elocution
  • Counseling
  • Practice & revised method
  • Exam


  • The lab is equipped with Computer sets,music system and printer.
  • A total of 150 reference books are available for students.
  • 25 Educational CDs
  • 25 English Games
  • 60 Grammar –communicative – vocabulary chart.

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