Shree Charitra Laxmi Library

Founder:-Shrimati Maniben Virji k Shah (Patri)

Since 2007

Library section:-  

                               1. Chintan vibhag

                               2. English department

                                3.  Shikshan vibhag

                                4.  Dharmik vibhag/bal varta

                                5.  Navalkatha/jivan Charitra

Captain: - 2018-2019             

                     1. Dedhia Vansh Prafulbhai village: - Sadau   (Kutch) Std 9th Eng

                      2.  Parekh Hem Virenbhai   village: - Jatavada  (Kutch)   Std 8thENG

Librarian: - Jignaben Bharatbhai Chauhan    

Celebration by library:-

            Yearly there is a library week celebration held. The activities are follows:-

  1. Speech competition
  2. Book review
  3. Debate (group discussion)
  4. Memory test
  5. KBM(Kaun Banega Mahagyani) like KBC(Kaun Banega Corerpati)
  6. Chart making
  7. Surprise speech competitions  
  8. Price distribution And Cultural program

 There are more than 3000 books in the Library. Which include Story books in (English, Hindi and Gujarati), Novels, Autobiographies, Books related to Education, Books related to Religion (Dharmik books) etc.

There are also many magazines that come in our library. They are:-

  1. Champak (In Hindi, English and Gujarati)
  2. Tinkle (In English)
  3. Children’s World (In English)
  4. Dimdima (In English)
  5. Magic Pot (In English)
  6. Safari (In Gujarati)
  7. Sports Star (In English)
  8. Balshrusti (In Gujarati)
  9. Balranjan (In Gujarati)

    In our Library  there is a sitting arrangement of 280 studdents.

There is daily book review taken in auditorium hall at the time at Prayer (8:30pm). In which students tell about the book they have read in the Library.





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