NCSC Programm



24th N.C.S.C. (National Children Science Congress) Program.


Recently, the 24th N.C.S.C  Program of district Level was held in our Institute. This event was organized in our School by GUJCOST (Gujarat Council on Science and Technology, Gov of Guj) and LOK-VIGNAN Kendra, Bhavnagar.

Nearly, 47 different   institutes of the districts along with their 80 projects  and 80 students and 70 teachers  participated in this event.

The detailed schedule of this Program was as follows:

8:30 am to 9:30 am ----------- Entry and Registration

9:45 am to 11:40 am ----------Inauguration Ceremony       

11:50 am to 5:00 pm-------- Projects Presentation by students

5:20 pm  to 6:30 pm---------- Closing Ceremony

The following distinguished guests were present during the opening ceremony.

(1) Shri  Rajendrasinh Rana (Former M.P. of bhavnagar district and presently Director at Roads and transport Department, Gov. of India)

(2) Shri Bharatbhai Pathak ( Reti.  I.F.S, state co-ordinator of N.C.S.C, Gujrat State),

(3) Shrimati Kinnariben Pandya ( Principal, Majiraj Girls Highschool, Bhavnagar)

(4) Shri Pareshbhai Trivedi (B.M.Commerce Highschool, Bhavnagar)

(5) Dr. Bhaveshbhai Bharad (Lok-vignan Kendra, Bhavnagar)

(6) Shri Bhaveshbhai Vyas (District co-ordinator, N.C.S.C.)

From our institution, Main guests were Shri Vinodbhai Shah, Shri Jaysukhbhai Gangar, Shri Kulinbhai Khona, Shri Rohitbhai Bhatt.

The positive aspect of this event  being organized in our school was that our students could listen to the inspiring and motivating speeches of invited, prominent and distinguished guests. The main theme of the project was “ Science & Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development”. The essence of their speeches was that the current  generation has to find and explore new ways and innovative ideas to tackle and solve the global problems like industrial pollution, water crisis, natural disaster and alternative medicines as replacement of allopathic drugs etc. while making the steps forward for development for future generation.

From our school, five schools (4 schools both mediums in under 17 group and 1 high school in above 17 group) took part in the event. All our participant students got experience, confidence and knowledge by competing with the best other participants from different schools.

Out of 80 projects, total 11 projects  were finalized for the state level competition  and one of 11projects was for  the disabled students. Our one project, Shri M.J.C.K.R. high school in between 14 to 17 groups got selected in this final list for state level competition. The ‘Herbal medicines’ was the topic under which our students prepared their project. They will now represent our school in state level  competition at Ahmedabad in 2nd Week of Oct 2016. (tentative)

Overall, this event was remained grand success for our institute. All invited guests, teachers and students admired our school management system and all facilities we provided for the event.

All teaching  staff, all rectors, management staff, volunteer students were remained present  till end of the event in the evening upto 6:15 pm with great support and enthusiasm.          

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