Industrial Visit 2022

-Topic of factory visit was discussed in meeting with committee on 28 June 22.
- I have planned to visit on 11th July or12 July.
- I got the permission on call or personally visit to owner during 1st July to 7th July.
- Finally day of 12th July, Tuesday was fixed for the industrial visit and inform to the local management regarding vehicle and food arrangement.They have confirmed about the same.
- As per plan,68 students of 11th &12th and two staff members have departed from Songadh on 9:30 in a bus and a zeep and reached at Sihor on 10:00.
- In first season (10:00am to 2:00) we have visited three factories.
     1 . Sarvottam Dairy
     2 . Zikool refrigeration pvt Ltd
     3 . Sréeji Priya Metal
We took lunch which we have brought from Ratnashram , at Metal factory instead of Sihor Garden,due to possibility of rain.
- In second season (2:10 to 5:40pm) we have visited four factories.
     4. Luhar Giradhar Jarawala
     5. Gayatri Fram
     6. Vora Plastic
     7. Kashtabhanjan Oil Mill.
- On 5: 50 students have returned at Ratnashram Songadh.
- We specially thanks to Vishranti Bhavan management,who has provided their school bus to us for the industrial visit at Sihor and also the owners and management of the factories,for the permission, providing information and motivation to all students.
- This visit of factories really the best one than  all done in past. Boys have satisfied regarding their questions and made vision for their curriers.

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