Spoken English Project

On 4th  December,  The spoken English project team has arranged  story telling competition in Saturday assembly. which has been the integral  part of our Spoken English Project. This competition was  held in the school auditorium hall in the morning. Students from std 6 to 9 have  participated in this. The objective of this event is to improve  spoken english skill of the students. Total 18 students  participated in it. Mr. Paras Shah, Mr. Dipaksinh Gohil and Ms. Krupa Shukla were the judges of the competition.

All the students had tried their best to speak English fluently as much as they could. All the arrangements have been done by Spoken English Project team under the guidance of Paras Shah and Tushar Jani. We have already encouraged the students by giving them prizes.


Names of the Rankers of the competition…..

1 Jain Vishuddh   7 A   Kalyan   1st

2 Nagda Pankhil   8 B   Gulab   2nd

3 Jain Garbit   9 A   Charitra   3rd


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