Exhibition Visit by IT Academy

Flash Visit (Bhavnagar) 2017

Day - Saturday

Date - 23-12-2017

Venue -Swaminarayan Collage of computer science

We had gone to Bhavnagar for Flash visit in Swaminarayan Collage of computer science. There were first we went to companies and institutes stalls like contech, Navneet, Parul university, RK university etc. Contech Company providing server of web hosting, cloud server and discussed about web hosting and dedicated server. It also makes application development. Navneet Company provides E-sense. Parul University is provides BCA and MCA course. There were so many companies which were discussing about their products. We discussed about our course of BCA and MCA with different university and we cleared about our future plans. Banks and Institutes providing free government courses. In it there were courses of Application development and Hardeware& Networking course. Which they provide for two to three month. Then we went for exbition it was of three floors building, In each floor there were 4 rooms, each room contain 8 to 9 project & all were good, We get idea of doing something new from it. Some of them were Wi-Fi Switch, Smart Shopping, Sketch 3D, Secret of Media Player, Hologram, Blood Donate, Robo Tech etc. Wi-Fi Switch in it the switch of light can be close by us with using of our mobile and if someone come from outside and switch on the light and forget to close the light we can close without going there. Smart Shopping it is the application for those who cannot read in English language. So they have inserted more than 50 languages and within 10 days the delivery is gone or which day you select for delivery. If you want to know your delivery path then you can or which places your parcel has gone you can do in it. They have also made the currency converter & you can convert your currency with any country currency on that price only. Secret of Media Player is software from which we can see our video with using are photo which is captured and save in private place. So no one can do misuse. So no student can do misuse of its, own-self or other-self Robo Tech is the robot which also can also be control by our mobile or tab etc in which we have download it application and also it record our voice & video and work on it. It also guard our house when we are not there and send us a message if anything is wrong or take action. It also provides us wifi and USB charging anywhere and can store are data or remind us something we have keep in remember in it. It charging is done through solar panel of 1 month and etc battery is there in it for safe.

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