State Level IT Quiz-2019-20

The Gujarat Council on Science & Technology (GUJCOST), working under the aegis of the Department of Science & Technology, Government of Gujarat coordinated the programme through its Community Science Centre network across the State.

Over 600 students from Std. VIII to XII, from 33 districts of Gujarat were selected at district level completion to participate in the state level competitions held at Town Hall, Gandhinagar on 17th September. In addition, teachers from the rural schools were also invited to witness the program.

Earlier, GUJCOST organized district level quiz competition in different districts and a total of 3606 students from many schools of Gujarat beyond city and municipality area participated the first round test at respective districts in the State. Here our 10 students also participated and got the certificate.

The quiz was based on the theme of Artificial Intelligence. The animation based quiz format had the following five rounds – Byte Link, Byte Pixel, Byte Jumble, Byte Connect and Byte Waves. Each of the rounds tested the students’ spectrum of knowledge in the IT sphere.

After a preliminary written round, six teams qualified on stage for the final round.

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