Library Week Celebration 2019-20


On 9 December,2019 our Ratnashram Library Week Celebration starts with the first activity of Surprise Speech Competition in which students have to take an paper in which any topic have written. And they had to speak a speech about two minutes on that topic. On, 2nd day Autobiography Competition in which students have to speak any of a great person or any great leaders Autobiography. On 3rd and 4th day KBM (Kaun Banega Mahagyani ) Like KBC quiz Competition. On 5th and 6th day Brain Games, students have to solve any types of logical question of Mathematics or Gk, Riddles, Puzzles, etc… And on last day Cultural Programme on which Prize Distribution is also there, that those students who had ranked top in each competition will be encouraged by gifts or prizes.


~ The Library Week Celebration Time Table

No.  Date   Day   Activity
1  9/12/2019  Monday Surprise Speech Competition
2 10/12/2019  Tuesday Autobiography Competition
3 11/12/2019  Wednesday Kbm (Junior)
4 12/12/2019  Thursday Kbm (Senior)
5 13/12/2019  Friday Brain Games
6 16/12/2019  Monday Brain Games
7 17/12/2019  Tuesday Cultural Programme


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