National Robotics Championship 2019-20

Our Ratnashram team had taken part in this National Robotics Championship 2019-20. The Preparations were started by selecting 50 students from class 7th to 9th both medium. Our school started the workshop and at the end 15 students were selected in zonal round. With the completition of the zonal round 6 students were selected in semi finals round.

 The semi final and final round were arranged at Mumbai on 11th and 12th January 2020.135 teams were participated in semi finals and 35 teams were in finals round. Our Ratnashram team achieved 1th rank (State-wise) and 6th rank (In Country).    

Participated Students :

1. Dedhia Arya Amulbhai           9thEng           Koday(Kutch)

2. Savla Keval Mayurbhai          9thEng           Gundala(Kutch)

3. Ambure Anurag Amolbhai      9thEng           Maharashtra

4. Dedhia Vansh Prafulbhai       9thEng           Sadau(Kutch)

5. Gada Kavish Kiranbhai          9thEng           Nani Khakhar(Kutch)

6. Nisar Vineet Tejasbhai           8thEng           Wadala(Kutch)

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